Yeast are the wonderful organisms that turn our simple boiled wort into beer. But not all yeast is the same. Yeast can impart flavorings and nuances to your beer that can be identified by even untrained tongues. The liquid yeast cultures at right are very popular right now. They require some preparation beforehand so read the package and follow the directions. You will need to plan a few days ahead to use them. The packages are similar to bread yeast packages and are used in much the same way. Beginners may find them simpler to use the first time out.

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12-21138  European Ale
12-21056  American Ale
12-21084  Irish Ale
12-21007  German Ale
12-21098  British Whitbread
12-21214  Belgian Ale
12-21968  London Ale

12-22007  Pilsen Lager
12-22035  American Lager
12-22112  California Lager
12-22206  Bavarian Lager
12-22272  N. American Lager
12-22278  Czech Pils
12-22308  Minuch Lager

DRY YEAST (per package)
12-2290  Munton Ale Yeast          1.00
12-3607  Munton's Gold Ale Yeast   1.10
12-2345  Coopers Ale Yeast         1.20
12-2350  Morgan's Ale Yeast        .80
12-2355  Morgan's Lager Yeast      .80
12-4904  Pasteur Champagen Yeast   .32 (Great for meads)

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