Basic Ingredient Kits

These SUGAR MOUNTAIN ingredient kits are specially packaged to produce winning results every time. They include everything you need to brew 2-1/2 cases of beer except bottles (and your equipment of course).

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Sugar Mountain Homebrew Kits

These kits include: Malt Syrup, Dry Malt, Grain
or Corn Sugar as called for, hops, yeast, 
priming sugar and bottle caps.

17-1100   PJ's Old Country Pilsner         26.50
               PJ Stroemel's is on a side street
               in Vienna (or so I'm told). This 
               traditional pilsner must certainly
               be on tap. And if it's not, I'll 
               give them a call.
17-1102   Uncle Sam's American Lager       25.50
               Uncle Sam wants try this 
               U.S. style lager.Simple and direct.
               The only thing missing is the corn 
               flakes most U.S. companies add.
17-1104   Wallaby Lager                    25.50
               Tie me Kangaroo down sport. This
               Aussie style lager features a 
               Australian extract and hops for
               a true down under flavor.
17-1106   Ballpark Mild Brown Ale          23.50
               Dad used to drink this style when 
               I was a kid. Seems like every 
               ballpark had a house beer that 
               fit the bill.A solid standard for
               the working man.
17-1108   Eh? Canadian Lager               25.95
               From the Great White North, a 
               Canadian style lager.Great drinking 
               while watching the Habs or Leafs...or
               any other time, eh?
17-1150   Oktoberfest Marzenbier           24.50
               My ancestors left Germany in1742. 
               Too bad. At least I'd have a place
               to stay for Oktoberfest. Well, here's
               a beer to bring us all closer to the 
               'fest. Traditional marzenbier.
17-1152   Old King Cole's Porter           25.50
               Call for your pipe, call for your 
               slippers, call for your fiddlers 
               three (if you got 'em). Kick back
               and savor this one.
17-1154   Shakespeare's Extra 
                         Special Bitter   26.75
               Ol' Will used to gather with his 
               friends at the Apollo Inn and 
               argue throughout the night. The
               argument was probably fueled by 
               many pints of beer. Maybe a bitter?
17-1156   Honey Light                     23.95
               Oops. Ran out of malt. Off to the
               store to buy some honey. From a 
               lucky accident comes a great easy
               drinking summer brew with a hint 
               of citrus.
17-1158   Da's Traditional Stout          26.95
               Da spent many an evening at the 
               pub sipping away and shooting 
               darts. Try this rich, dark favorite.
17-1160   Catherine's Great 
                         Imperial Stout   36.25
               Catherine the Great enjoyed her
               beer and so can you. Over 10 
               pounds of malt goes into this 
               queen of beers.It'll keep you 
               warm on those cold Georgian 
17-1162   Weizenbier                      25.55
               Sit back and watch the thrashers 
               go by as you sip this traditional
               wheat beer. Simple but grand.
17-1164   Vienna Red Ale                  26.95
               If the hills are alive with music,
               this might just be the beer to 
               drink while you listen. An Austrian
               style red ale.
17-1166   San Francisco Treat 
                     California Common    26.50
               Born in San Francisco in the 1800's,
               this lager is fermented at ale 
               temperatures. A completely American
               style of beer. One of our favorites.
17-1168   Tallship IPA                    26.95
               India. Dress whites and an 
               overhead fan. Your ship comes in 
               with this one on board. Pass it 
               around to the troops, but don't 
               water this one down.


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