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Know Your Hops!

Presented by Sugar Mountain Homebrew Supplies

Name, Alpha Acid %, Comments

Cascade           5-6.5             A bittering and aroma hop, slightly fruity
Challenger        7-9               Good bittering hop, few growers
Chinook           11-13             Very bitter
Cluster           6-8               Used mainly as a bittering hop
Eroica            10-12             Very bitter
Fuggle            4-5.5             Ale bitter and aroma hop
Galena            12-13             Strong bittering hop
Hallertau         4.5-5.5           Lager aroma hop, very popular
Kent Goldings     4.5-5.5           Bittering and aroma, Very British ale hop
Mt. Hood          5-6               Aroma hop, similar to Hallertau
Northern Brewer   7.5-9             Lager bittering hop
Nugget            11-13             Bitter with good aroma
Perle             7-9               Bitter and aroma hop
Pride of Ringwold 7-9               Bittering hop
Saaz              4-6               Pilsner lager hop
Target            9-11              Bittering hop
Tettnang          4-6               Lager hop
Willamette        5-6               Similar to Fuggle, good aroma hop

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